Automate your content delivery to your Clients with Courses. You can also make your Courses interactive by adding Todos, Habits, and other assets that are automatically assigned to your Clients as they're progressing through the Course.

For example, you can create an onboarding Course that helps your clients get started and to know where everything is located. This will save you time and headaches at the beginning of working with your clients.

The next part is about the new Courses v2. If you're looking for information about the old version of the Courses, click here.

Courses v2

Courses v2 are currently in beta mode. You can test them out with your Clients and use them while we're still polishing them up.

Building your first Course

To create a Course, go to your Admin Area and select Courses v2 from the left sidebar. There, you can create a new one by clicking on the "Create new Course" button in the top right corner.

Once you're inside the Course Designer, start adding Lessons and Modules inside the left sidebar.

You can do as many Lessons in as many Modules as you want. You can also drag them around to change order or move the Lesson to a different Module.

To start building a Lesson, click on its name in the sidebar. Each new Lesson is built using a template.

You can edit the Lesson to fit your needs by adding or removing Blocks or by changing the order with the drag&order button on the right side of each Block.

As with all the other asset designers in upcoach, you open all the settings for that Block in the sidebar by clicking on any Block.

For example, for Todos Block, you can add the Todo content and select the due date.

Course info

When you click on the “Settings & Drip” tab in the Designer, you will be able to change the name, add a short description (that will be visible to Clients), and upload a cover photo.

Don't forget to hit the Save button on top after you’re finished with editing the Course info.

Drip settings

Underneath the Course info, you can find the Drip settings for your Course. The drip settings are set in the Designer and then are applied once you add the Course to a Program.

If you want to have multiple versions of drip settings for a Course, duplicate the Course in the Admin area, and change the drip settings for the new copy.

Automatic release

Specify on which days each Lesson or whole Modules should be released to your Clients.

You can specify the release date for each Lesson or use the checkbox to release the whole Module at once.

The days to release each Lesson or Module will start counting from the start date you specify when adding the Course to a Program in the Program Designer.


With self-paced progression, your Clients can go through the Course Lesson by Lesson on their own. However, they can only progress through the Course if they complete all the Lessons in order.

All Available

This will make all the Lessons within a Course available to the Clients. They can choose which Lessons they want to complete, and skip any they don't.

Manual Release

This option gives you full control over which Lessons are available to your Clients. You can release any of the Lessons once you assign the Course to a Program.

Here's a screenshot from the Program Designer. You can see that one of the Lessons is made available, while the three others are locked:

Assigning a Course to the Clients

To assign a Course, go to the Program Designer where you want the Course to be available. Then, select the Courses (Beta) Block and drag it anywhere inside your Program.

Title, description, and heading color

You can add a custom Title, Description, and heading color to your Block, or you can hide the heading from the Block.

Select a Course to add it to the Program

Select the Course you want to add from the dropdown, and once added, select the starting date. You can start the Course right away or schedule it for a future date.

Course scheduled for future release will show as upcoming inside the Program.

Courses without a specified starting date will not show inside the Program.


Courses (old version)

What is it?

Courses are a way to deliver learning content to your Clients. With upcoach, you can make your Courses more interactive by adding Todos and Habits to your Lessons.

When your Clients are progressing through the Course, these Todos and Habits are automatically added to their Todo list and Habit Tracker.

Why would you use it?

  • Deliver resources and learning content to your Clients

  • Automate assigning Todos & Habits as the Clients progress through the Courses

  • Schedule new Lessons with a drip, or create DIY Courses your clients can take on their own pace

How to use it?

To create a Course, go to your Admin Area and select Courses from the left sidebar.

For example, you can create an onboarding Course that helps your clients get started and to know where everything is located. This will save you time and headaches at the beginning of working with your clients.

For inspiration, you can check the Start Here Program, which is automatically added to your Organization to help you get started with upcoach.

Creating new course

Before adding a new course to your program, you must create a new course by clicking on the “Admin” in the upper right corner of the screen, select “Admin Area,” and finally “Course” in the left pane of the screen.

Adding details to your course

After creating a new course, you need to create a module name. You can also add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia to your course.

Adding course block to your program

You can access the program editor, and then by clicking on the Course block, you can drag and drop and then you can start configuring it.


You can enable or disable heading for this block by clicking this switch button.


Add title to your Course.


You can also add additional detail in your Course in this section.

Adding the created course to your course block

You can add your newly created course to your course block by selecting it in “ATTACH A NEW COURSE” section.

Module Progression

Drip - you can set here if you want to release a new module in any day.

Client - you can also set to allow your clients to progress on their own with this feature.

Admin - or you can manually add a module.

If you need any further support, please contact us at or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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