How to use it?

Schedule and show your coaching sessions with the Events Block.

Create a Meeting by selecting one of your Agenda Templates, and then schedule it using your Google Calendar (other Calendar options are coming soon).

When you create a Meeting inside a Program, all members will be able to see it in the Events Block, and they will be automatically invited when you

schedule a Meeting with your Google Calendar.

How to schedule your upcoach meeting?

Follow these steps to schedule a Meeting in upcoach.

1. Drag & drop the Events Block into your Program

Select the Events Block from the left sidebar and drag it into your Program. You can also change or remove the Heading and add a Description.

1b. Connect your Google Calendar Account

Before you can schedule Meetings in upcoach, you have to connect your Google Account, as all the scheduling happens inside your Google Calendar.

When you click on the "Connect your Google Calendar Account" button, we open up the Admin Area page. Click on "Connect Google Account":

During the authentication, we create a new sub-calendar for your Organization and share it with all your Admins, so that they can also schedule Meetings the same way.

After you select your Google Account and authenticate, close the tab and go back to the Program Designer and reload the tab.

2. Select the right Agenda Template

In the Block settings, click on the "Select an Agenda" dropdown and select the right Agenda template.

If you want to create a new Agenda template, go into your Admin Section, and select Agendas on the left side menu. You can create your custom Agenda or use upcoach Agenda templates.

After creating the Meeting, you can rename it and add a description. You can also change the name later when scheduling the event in Google Calendar.

3. Schedule the Meeting

Next, click on the "Schedule the Meeting" button. It will open up your Google Calendar and allow you to create a calendar event.

The event name and Agenda link will already be filled, and all your current Program members are automatically invited.

You can change the event details, just don't delete the upcoach identificator in the description, and don't change the sub-calendar, as it might not show properly in the Events block.

All you have to do is to schedule the event. You can choose any time and date you want, including a custom repeating pattern.

If you add a Zoom or Google Meet link, we will show the "Join the call" button in upcoach.

4. Access the Agenda and join the call from upcoach Program

After scheduling the event, go back to upcoach. Your newly scheduled meeting should be showing in the Events block, if there are any issues, check the Troubleshoot part of this article.

You can click on the View Agenda button on the meeting, and if you have added a Zoom or Google Meet, you can also join the call from there.


I want to reschedule or delete a Meeting

You can reschedule, delete, or change the Google Calendar events, and any changes will be reflected in upcoach as well.

If you want to remove a Meeting from Program, go to your Google Calendar, and delete the connected calendar event.

Scheduled events are not showing in the events block

First, make sure that the event is scheduled in the right Calendar, named after the organization.

Next, make sure that the event description contains the special identificator. If it's missing, we recommend scheduling the Google Calendar event again – by clicking on the "Schedule the Meeting" button in the Block settings.

If the events are still not showing, please reach out to us on or by clicking on the chat button in the left corner.

What if I don't use Google Calendar / Don't have Google Account

We'll be adding other options to integrate your other Calendar accounts, but we don't have an exact date yet.

For now, the best solution is to create a Google Account you can use to schedule the Meetings. Both you and your clients will be automatically invited to all the events.

You can also create Meetings in your Programs without scheduling them. Meetings without connected Google Calendar event will show as "Unscheduled meetings."

If you need any further support, please contact us at or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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