What is it?

The ‘Habits Block’ is another feature you can add to your coaching programs to provide continuous daily & weekly value to your program or transformation you create with clients.

It’s a simple, yet customizable habit tracker your clients/students can use to:

  • Build the habits you prescribe through the work you’re doing together,

  • Add habits to specific lessons in the courses or training you provide, (now you can REALLY support the change clients are seeking directly from your courses),

  • Encourage and hold your clients accountable.

  • Identify breakdowns in progress and create plans based on it,

  • Set different rules for visibility, (Clients in a cohort or group can see each other's habits and support each other.)

  • Track and provide feedback.

  • Clients can add their own habits they want to track, which may fall out of the promise of your programming, but makes your coaching or program even more ‘sticky.’

For example, our Co-Founder, Todd Herman, has a program based on his bestselling book, The Alter Ego Effect, where people commit to making major personal transformations. He’s created a simple and straightforward ‘Habit tracker’ which allows him and his team to encourage and hold accountable to the changes the clients outline.

Why would you use it?

To provide added value to your clients/students, a single place where all the action is happening, and prevent your clients (and you) from losing track of habits or work completed. Most importantly, empower you or your coaches with the ease and opportunity to provide feedback, encouragement, and accountability on the work being completed.

It also makes your coaching and programs even more ‘sticky’ because clients are logging in every day to track their progress.

So many coaches work hard to come up with new training, new content, or provide more access or coaching time. When so much value from your client's perception can be handled with seeing change happen by simply tracking new habits.

How to use it?

You can access the program editor and then by clicking on the habits block you can drag and drop and then you can start configuring it.


Show heading for this block

In this feature, you can enable or disable the heading for this block.


In this part, you can put any title you want. For example, Habits, Routines, Habits for [Insert Program Name] or Habits for [Insert Focus of Program].


In case you want to add a description or instructions to your habits block you can add it here, and it will end up being displayed on the ‘Habits Block’ inside the program.

Here it is all in motion:

What Members Can See

Members see each other’s habits

You can adjust if you’d like the people in the program to see each other's habits or not. You may want to allow this if you have a very community-driven, supportive or collaborative group/cohort. If you have a program where people may want more privacy, then choosing to turn off this feature, may work better.

[How do most upcoach clients use this? They leave it turned on.]

Members see coach’s habits

You can toggle on/off depending on if you’d like the people in the program to see the coach’s habits that are assigned to this program.

[How do most upcoach clients use this? They leave it turned off.]

How can I add Habits?

To add a new habit you can go to your habits block and click the "+ Add new habit” button.


In this box, you can give the habit a name.


In this part you can set up how many times you want this habit to repeat, it can be daily or it can be weekly and you can also add how many times per week or per month.


You can create a group of habits that will help to distinguish from other groups of habits, and you can also customize it.

We already have Groups created to choose from including: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Evening, but you could also create a Custom Group based on: Role (Mom, CEO, Athlete, Sales etc.), Life Area (Money, Fitness, Health, Career etc.), Skills (Sales, Marketing, Cooking, Planning etc.)

Track a Metric

The default state of a ‘New Habit’ is to simply ‘Check it off’ as done or not, however you can also ‘Track a Metric’. For example, if you’re trying to build a new ‘habit of encouragement’, you may want to give yourself a specific number to track daily, which means you’d place ‘Number’ into the ‘Metric Field’.

Other metrics may be: Number, %, Minutes, Hours, Weight, etc.

NOTE: Any ‘Coach’ or ‘Admin’ in a program can edit a client/members habits, add new ones, or check them off. A client/member wouldn’t be able to do that to another client/member.

NOTE: Once a Habit has been created, you cannot begin to ‘Track a Metric’, because it would mess up the reporting happening in the platform. If you want to start tracking a metric, simply create a new habit and customize it.

If you need any further support, please contact us at hello@upcoach.com or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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