What is Groups Block?

Pair together accountability buddies, create pods, and run cohort-based Programs with Group Block.

For example, create a few subprograms with shared Todos from the main Program and pair up the Program Members into accountability pods, where they can work together, help each other with their assignments, and hold each other accountable.

How to use Groups Block?

In the Program Designer, drag & drop the Groups Block to the right place in your Program, and then set it up inside the Block Settings sidebar on the left.

Title and Description

You can add a custom Title and a Description to your Block, or you can hide them both from the Block.

Creating a Group

Step 1: Pick a Program template

To create a Group, use the dropdown to select a Program template you want to use for that Group. There are already a few from upcoach, and you can also create new ones for yourself in the Admin Area.

Step 2: Shared Todolist, Group name, color, and icon

Once you create a new Group, you can change the name and select its color and icon, which will be shown inside the Program.

You can also toggle ON or OFF sharing Todos between the Group and the main Program.

Step 3: Add members

Use the dropdown inside the Group box to add Members. You can only choose from Members of the main Program. If you want to add someone else to the Group, you will first have to invite them to the Program.

Note: there always needs to be at least one Admin inside a Group.

If you need any further support, please contact us at hello@upcoach.com or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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