August 2021

Summer break is over, but I can assure you we weren't sitting on our hands the whole month of August. 😃

Our Product and Dev teams worked hard to improve your upcoach experience and bring you some cool new features and improvements!

Here’s what’s new:

🖼 Image block in Programs, Courses, Agendas, and Smart Docs

Add more context to your coaching Programs with the image block. Simply drag and drop the block to your Program, Agenda, Smart Doc or Courses and upload the image from your computer.

📊 Program Kanban Boards

When you create a new program a new Kanban board will automatically be created and all program members will be added to the board as well. This is super useful if you want to track how much your clients are engaged, and maybe reach out to the ones that are slipping a little.

📈 CRM metrics for the new courses and lessons

You can track your client’s course v2 (modules and lessons) progress inside their client profile.

🎨 Smart Docs get their own color makeover

Now you can color code your Smart docs! Add a splash of color to create separate areas inside the document. It’s great for navigation and also nice to the eye :)

⚙️ Projects - our special “Easter egg” feature

If you’d like to group your tasks into categories, or Projects, just type in #nameoftheproject and the task. Once you save it, your project will be created in the Todo list. To see how the projects work, check out this video

Improvements that we added over the past month:

  • Improvements on the “all available” drip type on Courses v2

  • Navigation in CRM profile pages between clients

  • New courses progress tab on CRM profile pages

  • Client search option on the courses progress report

  • Inline editing for asset notes in the admin area

  • Lots of other bug fixes and small improvements

July 2021

Behold! Here’s what’s new:

📚 Courses v2

Now you can have multiple Modules AND multiple Lessons inside those Modules 🤯

AND you can also completely customize what each Lesson contains with the same Block-driven approach as with Programs, Agendas, and Smart Docs.

Want to have 15 videos inside a Lesson, or just Text field saying “Hello”? Now you can!

⚠️ Note: This is still in Beta version, so expect some polishing, and updates in the upcoming weeks. Feel free to test out some Courses, use the Designer, but we recommend you to keep using the old Courses with your Clients for a few more weeks.

You can learn more about Courses v2 here.

📊 Google Sheets Block

Embed important Google Sheets right into your Program or Agenda, so you and your Clients can easily access it without adding bazillion tabs.
You can learn more about Google Sheets Block here

📃 Google Slides Block

Have a presentation that might be useful for your clients? Instead of sharing the link to the document, you can embed the Google Slides document to your Program or Agenda.

Here’s how to do it.

🖍 Miro Block

Have a mind map that you created with your Program Members? Or any other project created in Miro? You can embed it inside both your Programs and Agendas. For us, we love to see our super secret Product roadmap inside the Miro Block in the team Agenda.

Here’s a guide to show you how to do it.

🤸🏻 Activity tab inside Client CRM profile

See what's happening with your Clients in their CRM profile. You'll see what they've been doing in their Programs all in one place, and keep track of how engaged they are.

We’d also like to invite you to send us any suggestions or feature requests that you might have 😃

What we're working on:

Here's a quick sneak peek of what we're working on.

NOTICE: We don't promise anything here, it might come to the platform soon, or it might be forever lost in our backlog.

Multiple admin roles

We're working on adding Admin roles with limited rights and viewing permissions. More coming soon!

Stripe integration

We're working on adding integration with Stripe that will allow you to charge your Clients through upcoach too. This is a big one, so no promises!

More secrets

As always, there are also a few secret projects that might come sooner or later. We don't want to spoil all the surprises.

June 2021

Here's the new stuff we added in June:

👤 See the progress of your Clients in their CRM Profile
See how your Clients are doing with their Todos, Habits, and Meetings in the selected timeframe. To see that, just go to the Admin Area, click on Clients in the Menu, and select the Client you want to check.

📝 Global Custom Fields inside Client CRM Profiles

You can add additional information to your Clients by using the Custom Fields, which are now global for all your Clients.

Once you create a Custom Field, it's automatically added and ready to be filled in all your Clients' profiles.

🎥 Videos and Headings inside Smart Docs

Three new Blocks inside Smart Docs Designer now allow you to embed a Video and add H1 & H2 Headings.

Use this to share instructions, and add more context or structure to your Smart Docs.

🏆 Wins and Q&A Blocks inside Agenda

Start your Meetings on a positive note with Wins Block, where all your Clients can share the good news. These Wins won't carry over between Meetings so that you can start fresh with the next Meeting.

Create a Q&A section inside your Meetings where your Clients can ask questions. These questions will carry over between Meetings until they're answered (checked off) or deleted.

⚙️ See where your Blocks can go in Designer

When dropping a Block inside your Program, Agenda, or Smart Docs, we highlight where you can put that Block, so it's easier and faster to build your assets in upcoach.


We added an option to add a custom color to Block headers inside Programs and Agendas.

You can customize the background and text colors. Use this to add context, prioritization, or just make it pretty.

PS: Please don't abuse the power we gave you... 😃

What we're working on

We decided we wanted to share what we're working on with you as a part of this email.

NOTICE: We don't promise anything here, it might come to the platform soon, or it might be forever lost in our backlog.

📚 Big update for Courses

We are working on an all-new version of the Courses, with many exciting new features. More info on that is coming soon.

🔒More Admin roles

We want to add more roles for you to use with your sub coaches, editors, etc. We're still researching this, so any feedback or input is welcome :) if you want, you can respond to this email with your idea of how this should work. Thank you!

🤫 Few secret projects

I would tell you more, but I'm already in the danger territory with telling you about the previous two. Stay tuned for more!

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