How to use Forum Block?

Allow your Clients to add posts, like and comment, and open up discussion. Build your community inside upcoach with Forum Block.

You can use it to share one-time resources, announcements, call recordings, and have a Q&A section where your Clients can help each other. You can also instruct your Clients to introduce themselves in a post to help them get to know each other.

To start with the community, go to the Program Designer, and drag & drop the Forum Block anywhere into the Program page.

Forum Categories

Next, create and order categories inside the Block Settings sidebar.

Title and Description

You can add a custom Title and a Description to your Block, or you can hide them both from the Block.

Using Forum Block inside the Program

When in Client View, both you and all the Program Members can add posts. You and all other Members can also see all the posts, like them, and comment on them.

When creating a post, select the Category, add Title and then write the post content with any formatting you want.

We don't yet support uploading images or files, but you can upload them in Drive and add a link to the text.

As an Admin, you can always delete any post to moderate the discussion inside the community. To do this, go to the post detail page, click on the three dots, and you can delete it.

In Client view, the Block will automatically show the most recent posts first, and if you click on "See all posts," it will open the detail view of the Forum.

There, you can browse all posts, or you can again select based on Categories, using the sidebar on the right side.

If you need further support, please contact us at or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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