How do upcoach Admin roles work?

We have three types of Admin roles in upcoach – Admin, Organization Owner, and Coach.


Admins can access everything in the platform, create and edit assets (Programs, Agendas, etc.)

They can also access all Programs within the Organization, even if they are not a Member of that Program.

How to manage Admins

You can see a complete list of all your Admins inside the Team page in the Admin Area and manage them from there.

Inviting more Admins

You can invite more Admins with the button in the top right corner, add their email, and share the invitation URL with your new Admin.

→ Here's the complete process for inviting new Admins

Removing current Admins

You can Disable an Admin, which means they won't be able to login to the platform or Remove their Admin role, which turns them into a regular Client.

You can always activate them or invite them again.

Organization Owner

The Organization owner is the person who first signed up for upcoach. They have the same rights as Admins but can't be disabled or removed.

If you want to change the Organization Owner, please reach out to the support, and we'll take care of it for you.


Coach role is built for people who need admin access to some Programs but shouldn't see everything happening in your business.

How to manage Coaches

You can see a complete list of all the Coaches in your Organization in the Admin Area under Team.

You can add more Coaches, remove their Coach rights (which will turn them into regular Clients), or Disable their access to upcoach on the Team page in the Admin Area.

Inviting Coaches works the same as inviting new Admins.

What can and can't Coach see

Coaches can access Programs to which they've been assigned and see Client CRM Profiles of Clients only from those Programs. They can't access any details of other Clients.

They can't access any of the Assets in the Admin area, see Billing details or list of other Admins.

Assigning Coach to a Program

When you assign a Coach to a Program, they will see everything in that Program and access the Client Profiles of all the Program Members.

They will not be able to access the Program Designer, change the Program in any way, or change the Blocks settings.

First, go to the Team page in the Admin Area, then click on the "Manage Programs" button on the Coach you want to assign.

And then Select which Programs they should be able to access with Toggles. You can also search for any specific Program.

IMPORTANT: When you add a Coach to a Program through the Manage Members modal, they will be added as a regular Client and won't have the Coach access to that Program.

If you need further support, please contact us at or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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