How to use Calendly Block?

Allow your Clients to schedule a call with you or someone from your team directly from upcoach with Calendly Block.

To embed your Calendly inside upcoach, head to Program Designer, and drag & drop the Calendly Block anywhere inside your Program.

Title, description, and heading color

You can add a custom Title, Description, and heading color to your Block, or you can hide the heading from the Block. You can also hide this Block from showing in the sidebar navigation inside the Program.

Get the Calendly Link

Go to your Calendly dashboard and click on the "Copy link" to the event you want to embed. You can also embed your whole page by copying the main Calendly link (the one under your name).

Paste the Calendly Link inside the Block Settings

Go back to upcoach, and paste the copied Calendly Link to the input field (see image below).

Save the Program

Hit the save button inside the Program Designer header to save your progress.

Your Calendly page might not be shown fully inside the Designer, but you can always go into the Client view and see it there.

If you need any further support, please contact us at or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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