Can I edit the live course that is already in the program?

Yes, you can. There are 2 main scenarios that we've seen happen:

  1. Editing the existing lessons

    Here's a scenario: You created a course and added it to the program, and your clients started progressing to the course. But, you remembered that you wanted to add one more piece of information to one of the first lessons.

    You can edit the course, but 🚨 be aware - if you are to edit a Lesson that your clients already progressed through the changes will not be visible for them.

    💡 Solution: What we suggest in this scenario is to duplicate the course in question, edit the lessons, and add it to the program again.

  2. Adding more modules and lessons If you don't have all the course lessons sorted out, but you want to add the course to the program and let your clients use it, that's fine. You can always go back to the Course Editor and add additional modules and lessons. These changes and updates will be visible to all program members.

Can I download Smart Docs

Right now no. We don't have an option to export the Smart Documents that your clients fill in in the PDF form.

But if they want to have the document saved on their device (computer) they can print screen and save it as a PDF.

If you are using Chrome, click File > Print > Save as PDF

What pic sizes are recommended for logos?

We don't have any size recommendations you can use whichever size of the logo you have with you.

For the full-size logo, you should use a rectangular image, and for the icon logo square.

I don't see my client's meeting attendance in their client profile

To be able to see the log of meetings in your clients' CRM profile, every meeting agenda should be started and ended, so the system can register that the meeting occurred.

What payment integrations do you have?

Right now we don't have any integrations with the payment solutions such as Stripe. However, we do have this on our roadmap for 2022.

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