We suggest having a dedicated program template created for this purpose only - for onboarding clients in the system, so they have a look and feel of the platform before they are added to your group coaching program.

Here are the steps you can take to enable this for your clients:

  1. Create an onboarding program template

  2. Duplicate the program for each user (if you are onboarding individual clients) or for each group of clients you are looking to onboard

  3. Create an invite link to the program

  4. Sent it over to the client

  5. Let them go through the onboarding program and once they are done give them access to your coaching program

To show you how this looks like watch the video from our co-founder Todd Herman did for one of his Onboarding Programs, and feel free to duplicate what he did 😃

For any additional information feel free to reach out to us at support@upcoach.com

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