The new addition to the design blocks is the Audio block.

With this block, you can embed an audio file so your clients can listen to it without leaving the platform.

You can add any of these file formats:

  • mp3

  • ogg

  • wav

Where can you add it?

This block can be found in the Editor for:

  • Programs

  • Courses

  • And Agendas

How to add and use audio block

Go to the editor where you want to add the audio block. For the sake of this guide, we will be adding it to the program.

So, Program where you want to add the block, then go to Editor.

Simply drag and drop the audio block where you want it to be:

This block has the same options as any other block:

  • Options to show or hide the heading on the block

  • Title

  • Description

  • Color of the block heading

To add the audio file to the block, simply paste the link of your file in the “Audio URL” field

Click “Save” so your changes in the editor are saved and you’re done!

How will this look for the clients

Your clients will see the audio player from their end like this

They can play the track, adjust the volume, and by clicking on the three buttons on the right download the audio file or change the playback speed:

For any additional information or questions reach out to us via chat or email at

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