What is it?

The chat feature is a communications tool inside upcoach that enables you to chat directly to a group of people that are members of the program or to an individual client.

Why would you use it?

Having everything in one place is crucial for our users, so communication with clients is no exception. The ability to chat with clients directly on the platform gives you an opportunity to drop all other tools that you are using and move your community over to upcoach.

How to use it?

Well, it’s chat. If you ever texted with someone, you’ll be great at using upcoach chat :) But there are some scenarios we’d like to cover here, so you know what to expect.

So here are a couple of scenarios based on the role people have in your organization:

  1. Members of the program can chat with each other in private chats but also in the group chat

  2. Organization owner and admins can chat with every client you have in your organization

  3. Coaches can chat with each other and with admins, but only with clients that are part of the programs the coach is running

How to start a chat

As mentioned above, depending on the role you have in the organization you will see different lists in your chat feed.

Admins will see every program in the list and can join the conversation just by clicking on the program group chat and chat with all members of the Program:

To start a private chat communication, simply search for the client’s name and click the button “Start a conversation”:

Once you start the chat you will see the local time for the client and on the left sidebar a list of all chats that you are a part of:

Additional information about the chat feature

Archived chats

When you remove a client from the Organization all open chats with that client will be archived, and the chat with that user will be grayed out:

and when you open the conversation with that user, you will see the message at the bottom of the chat window that the conversation is archived:

This will happen for all 1-1 chats, however, if the client was removed from a group program, the group chat stays the same, only that client will not be part of the chat anymore.


The current version of chat has sound notification and you will hear the “ping” if your browser is open, and you will see a number of new messages on your chat icon in the top right corner:

Note: Push notifications are not available in this version of the feature, but the team is working hard on adding new options and improvements to this feature.

If you are receiving a lot of chat messages and are a little annoyed with the notification tone, if you are using Chrome, you can easily mute the tab - just right-click on the tab and click Mute Site:

Enable/Disable the Chat

When you create a new program, the system creates the chat disabled program by default. Just click the toggle to enable the chat.

Likewise, the chat is defaultly disabled in the programs you create through the group block.

If you changed your mind in the future, you can allow chat to be used in a chat-disabled program or vice versa

To change the chat status, just click on the Chat toggle in the Settings.

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE: If chat is disabled in all programs for a client, the chat icon will not appear on that client's profile.

If you need any further support, please contact us at support@upcoach.com or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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