Do you have some clients inside the platform that are not active anymore? You can deactivate them and that way make room for more clients (for the Launch and Grow plan there is a client number limitation. Deactivated clients are not counted)

1. In your Dashboard go to “Clients” under “Clients & Management

2. Find the client you want to deactivate, click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the page and choose “Deactivate”. To see these 2 different lists - Active and Deactivated clients use the filter.

3. To activate a deactivated client, use the filter to see the list of all deactivated clients.

4. Find the client you want to Activate, click on the 3 dots and hit “Activate”.

5. Now you will see this newly activated client in the Active list.

If you need any further support or have any questions, please contact us at or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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