With upcoach automation workflows, you can automate processes that you currently handle manually and get more time back to do what matters - provide coaching!

1. In your Dashboard, go to “Automation” under Advanced.

2. Next, click “Create workflow” in the upper right side of the page.

3. Add the name of the workflow and the description in the fields provided

4. After you create a workflow, choose a trigger and a trigger condition.

5. Now, choose an Action that you want to happen. From the example below, the clients will receive an email depending on their actions in the platform. You can customize the email in this section.

Available triggers are:

Conditions that you can use to filter the automation:

And available actions that can happen:

For any additional information or help with setting up the automation workflows in upcoach feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team at support@upcoach.com or via in-app chat.

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