Scheduling events via upcoach Events block has got an upgrade - now every time you schedule an event the event notification is sent to all program members and they also have an option to import the event to their preferred calendar. Without having to click on the link “Sync to my calendar” as we had to before.

Here's how to do it!

New Event

Create an Event by clicking the "+ NEW" button.

Fill in the required fields and select the Event date.

Perfect, your event has been created. 📅
Now you can send an email notification to everyone in the program by clicking the Send button.

All program members will get an event invite in their email, as shown below.

If your clients emails are the event will automatically be added to the Google Calendar.

However if they want to use another calendar, let’s say iCal, they can download the event attachment and open it in a preferred calendar.

From this email, you can go directly to the program or open the agenda for the event created.

The created events will be automatically added to the calendar, along with all program members as guests. 🤩

When you add or remove people from the Program that already has an Event scheduled, those changes will also reflect on the calendar event invite.

Your event has been created and all program members have already added it to their agenda!

Edited Event

Not only new events but also when you edit existing events, you can send notifications via email. 💪

1.Click on Edit

2. Update the parts you want to edit

PS: In the example below, we changed both the event time and event title.

1. Your event has been updated. ✅
Click Send to send an update email.

2.Everyone in the program will receive an email with the update 😎

3.Updates are also visible in the calendars

Deleted Event

In the same way as above, you can delete an event that has been created and notify program members.

1.Click the Delete button on the right side of the event you want to delete.

2. Confirm that you want to delete on the information screen.

1.Your event has been deleted. 🗑
Click Send to inform your all program members.

2. So, that’s it. The email will be sent and the deleted event won’t appear on the calendars anymore.

All changes made are instantly reflected in the calendars of the program members. 😎

If you need any further support, please contact us at or inside the platform by clicking on the chat messaging bubble in the lower right corner.

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